Hi lux leatherwood m-1000 user manual

According to Leatherwood, the quality was unacceptable as they were being pushed down the priority rung behind other larger scope brands, so Leatherwood purchased their own factory in China and the current HiLuxLeatherwood scopes Mar 31, 2012 Need Leatherwood M1200 Manual This is a discussion on Need Leatherwood M1200 Manual within the Optics forums, part of the Gun Forum category; I just procured an M1200 without manual so I called HiLux for a replacement.

Aug 02, 2010  posted by a few customers to the LeatherwoodHiLux 27 LER optic. (I removed the URL's of other websitesKB) Also, Leatherwood M1000 User Manual ReadDownload AR riser 76, ranger scopes 25, Leatherwood ART 29, 1 81, m1000 manual 2 Leatherwood 624 Leatherwood HiLux Camputer ART M1000 Tactical Rifle Scope 2. 510x 44mm. User Name, Remember Me I'm planning to use a RS barrel mount for my light and a RS side mount Mar 25, 2011 Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The Leatherwood HiLux M1000 ART Scope& How to do Manual Magnification settings.

There has been a lot of questions about setting v The HiLux Leatherwood M1000 scope doesnt look like any other optic and it doesnt work like any other optic. Those big dials at the front allow you to set a cam adjustment tailored to your ammunition, and frame, aim and shoot, point of aim, point of impact, out to 1000 yards. httpv Nov 29, 2011 Hi guys, I'm new here. I have a Leatherwood M1000, 2.

5X10X44. I have the instructions that came with it but I have a couple of questions, and I need a link if anyone has one of the manual online, with the Chart of trajectory for the cam settings. Mar 27, 2008 I've added a section on using the Multidial HiLux Optics manufactures precision optics for tactical, hunting and vintage rifles.

Leatherwood and Wm. Malcolm scopes are manufactured by HiLux. It's really not fair to call the allnew generation Leatherwood M1000 a riflescope. More appropriately, it is an extremely advanced sighting system. LeatherwoodHiLux Rifle Scopes Leatherwood Rifle Scopes Camputer ART LeatherwoodHILUX Camputer ART Rifle Scopes HiLux Camputer ART Scope M1000 2. 510x44 Auto Ranging Trajectory Riflescope Subscribe to Our Email List Leatherwood Scope Manual Hi lux optics hi lux precision rifle scopes and optics, hi lux optics manufactures Leatherwood art m 1000 auto ranging riflescope, it is based on the art and art ii scopes from the vietnam era m21 sniper system, which was an accurized m14 the Thermo Orion Ph Meter 410a User Manual

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