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Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Dundigal, Hyderabad. Department of Mechanical Engineering A FLUID MECHANICS AND HYDRAULIC MACHINES LAB MANUAL for measuring the rate of fluid flowing through a pipe. It is a cheaper device than Venturimeter. Figure: Orificemeter Procedure: 1. Set the manometer pressure to the atmospheric pressure by opening the upper valve.

2. Now start the supply at water controlled by the stop valve. 3. One of the valves of any one of the pipe open and close all ME234 FLUID MECHANICS LAB. DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME 234: Fluid Mechanics LAB (0, 1) 1. Introduction to the lab equipment and safety precautions. Fluid Mechanics for Civil Engineers Lab Manual These numbers will be referenced several times throughout the lab manual. The Reynolds number is dened as the ratio of inertial forces to viscous forces and is given by: where is the velocity, is the Fluid mechanics lab manual pdf, and is the density of the uid, and is the fluid mechanics and hydraulic machines lab manual.

gudlavalleru engineering college fuels& lubricants lab index s. no. name of the experiment page no 1 redwood viscometeri 15 2 redwood viscometerii 610 3 engelrs viscometer 1115 the fluid flowing Fluid mechanics lab manual pdf pipe is led through a Fluid Mechanics Lab Manual Download as Word Doc (.

doc), PDF File (. pdf), Text File (. txt) or read online. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Search Search Cairo University Fluid Mechanics Faculty of Engineering 2nd Year Civil Engineering Irrigation and Hydraulics Department 2010 2011 3 The Hydraulics Bench The standard Hydraulics Bench is used for all the laboratory experiments carried out during this Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Lab Manual.

Table of contents: equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the body and is directed vertically upward. Buoyant force is a force that results from a floating or submerged body in a fluid which results from different procedure in the subject fluid mechanics and fluid machinery.

The manual explains the procedure for various experiments including principle, apparatus, experimental set up, handling of apparatus, range and accuracy of observations, model MAHATMA GANDHI MISSIONS JAWAHARLAL NEHRU ENGINEERING COLLEGE, AURANGABAD.

(M. S. ) DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING FLUID MECHANICS LAB MANUAL Prepared By Approved By Mr. L. K. Kokate Prof. S. B. Shinde SUBJECT: Fluid MechanicsII CLASS: Second Year Civil Engineering LIST OF EXPERIMENTS Sr. FLUID MECHANICS LABORATORY MANUAL Lab Incharge H. O. D. CIVIL. JNEC CIVILFMIAUG 2010 Page 2 FLUID MECHANICS I EXPERIMENTS SUBJECT: Fluid MechanicsI ideal flow of an in compressible fluid, the total energy at any point of the fluid is constant.

The total energy consists of Pressure Energy, Kinetic Energy, This manual deals with experiments of fluid mechanics science, which studying in the engineering colleges in the engineering branches such as Petroleum engineering, Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering and Chemical engineering. Preface The Laboratory for EAS 361, Engineering Fluid Mechanics complements the learning experience of the lecture.

Laboratory exercises provide opportunities for direct study of uid behavior. LABORATORY MANUAL FLUID MECHANICS ME214 E. 2 LIST OF THE EXPERIMENT PAGE NO S. NO. NAME OF THE EXPERIMENT FROM TO 1. To determine the coefficient of impact for vanes.

2. To determine the coefficient of discharge of an Orifice Meter. 3. FLUID MECHANICS I EXPERIMENTS INDEX Expt. No. Name of The Experiment 1 Determination Of Coefficient Of Discharge For Venturimeter.

2 Determination Of Coefficient Of Discharge For Orificemeter.

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