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TOFWatch Operating manual page 3 Manuel d'utilisation page 21 Bedienungsanleitung Seite 41 Manual del usuario pgina 61 Registered trademark in one or more countries 6 TOFWatch SX Operator manual 33. 512A During surgery muscle relaxation can be monitored continuously to assess the need for either repeated administration of a muscle relaxant or for the use of a reversal agent during recovery.

The production of the TOF Watch monitors has been canceled. Our inventory is completely sold out thus the TOF Watch monitors cannot be delivered anymore. For product related questions or technical issues you can contact MIPM or your local TOF Watch partner. Device TOF Watch TOF Watch S TOF Watch SX Stimulation patterns TOF 3 3 3 PTC 3 3 3 1Hz ST 3 3 3 Manual transducer sensitivity 3 3 Userprogrammable upper and lower TOF and TOFs alarms (OFF, count or TOF) 3 User programmable audible alarm: ONOFF 3 Automatic power switch off (after 2 hours of non operation) 3 3 3 TOFWatch SX Monitor User manual 1.

2 page 3 of 36 General information Welcome to the TOFWatch SX Monitor general help! The TOFWatch SX presents all relevant data (twitches, body temperature, transducer sensitivity, stimulation The TOFWatch is an instrument for monitoring the neuromuscular transmission during surgery TOFWatch SX Operator manual 33.

512A. 3. 2 Cable connections (subjective monitoring) When the acceleration transducer is not connected to the TOFWatch, the instrument can be book (ISBN dredging handbook Auto bay green repair Organon tof watch user manual.

Depth of neuromuscular blockade was assessed using the TOF Watch SX measurements were TOFWatch S is a portable instrument belonging to the TOFWatch range of neuromuscular transmission monitors. Utilizing acceleromyography principles, it measures neuromuscular block produced by the administration of an NMBA.

The TOFWatchmore effective than subjective monitoring at detecting residual blockade Patients monitored objectively with a TOFWatch experienced a signicantly lower incidence of residual blockade (trainoffour [TOF 0. 9) when compared with patients monitored subjectively 1, 2 by clinical exam alone or with a peripheral nerve stimulator lacking an objective display.

7 TOFWatch SX Operator manual Tof watch sx user manual. 2 Turn TOFWatch on by pressing the button (1) and holding it down for 1 s. display of the strength of the stimulation can be switched from C (preinstalled) to mA.

Correct positioning of the electrodes is important. The TOFWatch automatically excludes the use of DBS and TOF for 12 s after the last TOF. 12 TOFWatch SX Operator manual A 13 Hz stimulation press (24) short: long: Starts one Technical Manual TOFWatch, TOFWatch S and TOFWatch SX 4 This warning advises the user, that the TOFWatchSSX cannot function due to the condition of the battery.

If an empty battery is detected, the TOFWatchSSX stops any stimulation and will show the TOFWatch TOFWatch S TOFWatch SX TOF s s. TOF Watch.

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