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cover sheet alpha delta multiband dipoles Models DXCC, DXDD, DXEE, DXLB, DXLB Plus Power ratings, MAX output (Assuming SWR at Aug 17, 2010 I'm using an Alpha Delta DXCC multiband dipole, which has worked well for me. It is resonant on 10, 20, 40, 80 meters. Each of the elements (except 80), is just a wire dipole cut for the frequency. I haven't actually measured the elements, but I'm assuming they're close to standard dipole lengths.

Remember, though the ALPHA DELTA DXCC was designed for compromise installations where there are space limitations. A little thought will allow the DXCC to be installed in spaces normally thought to be too small for an antenna KI6ZHD's Installation of an Alpha Delta DXCC parallel dipole Antenna. Updates: Talked to Alpha Delta Spoke to Dan at Alpha Delta about the results on this page.

He felt that the trees are the cause of the high SWR issue but the antenna and the RFI choke look good. I installed my Alpha Delta DXCC in a flat top installation (supported at each end) 8 years ago. I called Alpha Delta to make sure that the antenna could support the weight of the coax hanging down from the center insulator. Alpha Delta Model DX series HF wire antennas are unique in the industry, using severe weather rated components for extreme environments such as high tensile strength insulated solid copper 12 Ga.

wire, and stainless steel hardware. Many models use internal gas tube static voltage protectors. ALPHA DELTA DXCC 82 FT. LONG" NO TRAP" INSTALLATION NOTES Due to the fact that the ALPHA DELTA DXCC antenna approximates a half wave dipole (although greatly reduced in length), the method of mounting or installing it does not present some of the problems associated with other types of antennas. ALPHA DELTA DXCC [DXCC 159. 95 Free Shipping on DXCC Free shipping to USA Only View the manual for DXCC View the manufactures page for DXCC View the eham review page for DXCC" NoTrap" meter dipole or invertedV.

Overall length is 82 ft. 1000 watts CWPEP, ICAS duty cycle Alpha Delta Homepage

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