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Matech PRODUCT center read more VEHICLE PARTS Agriculture Machine Parts Construction Machine Special Vehicle Parts Valve, Pumps, Impeller Transportation System Parts Other Industry Mechanical Parts. QUALITY Advanced product process design. MATECH Backup Iron Sight (BUIS) Mounting and Zero Instructions. 5 Comments Mounting Instructions: Backup Iron Sight (BUIS): Sight radius, the distance from the front sight post to the rear sight aperture of a rifle, is most effective when the rear sight is placed in the farthest rearward position and the front sight is place Aug 16, 2009 from the 6940 manual Otherwise there's this I think this is the instruction sheet if you get if you just buy the sight from MATECH.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for MaTech MilSpec Backup Iron Sight (B. U. I. S) at Amazon. com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Jun 10, 2009 so I picked up a MATECH rear sight for the 20" barrel project I'm working on. I'm a little confused about zeroing it in. I found a few threads on arfcom and m4carbine, but they left me needing more clarification.

matech buis manual, matech buis review, matech rear sight, matech rear sight instructions, matech rear sight review, matech rear Jul 29, 2017 Matech's rear flip up sight was the only, and best option I could find.

Therefore, I believe the problem must lie in the Aero Precision front sight I ordered. Somehow I knew the Matech, designed to cowitness A2 front sights, would not be compatible with the Aero sight, but I ignored the thought. MaTech MilSpec Backup Iron Sight (B. U. I. S) I used this rear sight with a standard front post sight for a week during a medlong distance shooting course and it performed perfectly.

Ranges out to 600m on the sight, machined extremely well, and the rear post Feb 18, 2013  In this thread you will find, 1. Matech BUIS zeroing info. 2. Standard carry handle Iron Sight zeroing info. 3. Info on fixed elevation BUIS. (elevation is" fixed" I. E. once you set zero with the front sight Jan 11, 2013 a look at the back up iron sight that i use.

a look at the back up iron sight that i use. Skip navigation Repair MaTech Folding Rear Sight (BUIS) From Unwanted Popups Duration: 9: 43. Product Description. MaTech AR15M16 USGI BackUp Iron Sight. Current U. S. Army standardissue backup rear sight for M4 carbines and M16A4 rifles flips up instantly at the touch of your thumb when primary sight fails or tactical situation makes iron sights preferable.

Dec 26, 2009 How do you battle zero a Matech BUIS on a 16" AR15 M4 style carbine? The range has 25, 50, and 100 meter distances. How to zero a carbine with a Matech BUIS Discussion in 'Education& Training' started by ikari, Dec 23, 2009 Run the rear sight all the way down and then raise it a couple of clicks.

After that, all elevation Careers. Matech is seeking to fill the following positions: and using manual programming techniques. Matech rear sight manual Back Up Iron Sights. BUIS. Rear Iron Sights. Solid, Brackets for Reactive Armor. Mortar Weapon Systems Bipods. Mortar Weapon Systems Fins. Small Arms Components.

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