Manual glass bead dispensers

Find great deals on eBay for bead dispenser. Shop with confidence. 12 rows Graco introduces its all new pressurized bead system for professional striping contractors.

Once again Graco has delivered industry innovation with the EZ Bead Pressurized Bead System. Glass Bead Dispensing System Save Manual glass bead dispensers and money with the Glass Bead Dispensing System. The Titan glass bead dispenser sits right behind the spray gun and drops glass beads directly onto the paint after it is sprayed, providing you with a superior and accurate way of dispensing glass beads for your line striping jobs.

3 Setup (continued) 8. Move bead dispenser to desired location on rod. Loosen screw (4) and position link (3) to connect to gun trigger actuator (C). Used to spread reflective beads or other materials onto painted surfaces such as cross walks or stop bars; The valve of this product is that stripers no longer have to hand toss glass beads onto stop bars or crosswalks. This is my Patented, Hand Held, Glass Bead Dispenser for a parking lot line striping machine.

Ive mentioned it before. It is all Aluminum welded and assembled with mostly Stainless Steel fasteners. Category Archive. Below you'll find a list of all items that have been categorized as Bead Dispensing Systems Glass Bead Dispenser Holds 30 lbs. of glass beads! Spreads beads on line evenly without waste. Our bead dispenser is recommended for all street work. It is gravity flow and restriction free. Holds 30 lbs. of glass beads, enough for If anyone has to use glass beads, the Graco Dispenser is worth the money.

On feeding of beads from the hopper to the dispensers, keeping the hoses as vertical as possible is essential as is keeping the beads 100 dry.

As you know the bead disp. is about 6" behind the airless tip. Manual glass bead dispensers you just let go of the actuation lever, as you epoxy dispensers for pavement marker. adhesive. glass bead dispensing systems. manual& powered guns for epoxy cartridges. paint. shakers. traffic line removers. spray guns, bead guns, tanks& misc parts and components. Dispensers are available for beads with diameters of 5 or 7 mm. TissueLyser Bead Dispensers, 96Well are for dispensing 96 beads in parallel into Collection Microtubes (racked), enabling highthroughput disruption and homogenization.

Dispensers are available for beads with diameters of 3 or 5 mm. The Titan Handibead dispenser is a designed to accommodate both the crack filling industry where sand is needed to help protect fresh crack filler from traffic, or it can easily be converted over to a glass bead dispenser for the line striping professionals who need to spread glass beads by hand.

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