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PSpice simulates the circuit and calculates the bias point information. Note Because waveform data is not calculated during a bias point analysis, you will not see any plots displayed in the Probe window for this simulation. PSpice AD Reference Guide includes PSpice AD, PSpice AD Basics, and PSpice Product Version 10. 2 June 2004 1. Working with PSpice: PSpice is a circuit simulator. It uses the Kirchhoffs laws and the ivrelation of the used Fig. 1: Voltage Divider of Lab 14 with 10K load resistor.

Bias point analysis To create a new PSpice project 1. From the Windows Start menu, choose the Orcad Orcad PSPICE User Manual.

Save and load bias point Worstcase analysis. This section discusses the analog worstcase analysis feature of PSpice.

The information provided in this section explains how to use worstcase analysis properly and with realistic expectations. OrCAD PSpice AD How to use this online manual How to print this online manual Welcome to OrCAD Overview Commands Analog PSpice How to Use This Online Manual How to print this online manual Welcome Overview Commands Analog devices Digital devices Customizing device equations Glossary Index Reference Guide.

LOADBIAS (load bias point file) 44. MC (Monte Carlo analysis) 45. MODEL (model definition) 48 In the simulation settings, I came across bias point analysis. I could not understand the meaning of bias point and what is the meaning of bias. I suggest reading the Pspice manual or a book about using a circuit simulator.

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