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AudioArts Engineering AIR 1 Technical Manual. Summary of Contents for AudioArts Engineering AIR 1. Page 1. Air 1 USB port. Use a cable having a USB Type B connector on the Air 1 end and a connector on the other end that will mate with Audioarts air 1 usb manual switch computers USB port; this will typically be a USB Wheatstone now offers legacy technical documentation and ownerinstallation manuals for PR& E products at this website.

As legacy documents, references may be made to historical GatesAir or Harris Broadcast technical support. Audioarts breaks the price barrier with this smallstation console. The 8channel Air 1 USB is exactly what you need for onair radio, newsrooms, and even production and webcasting.

8 Input Faders 6 Stereo Input Channels, 2 Microphone Input Channels, 2 Stereo Program Busses. The Audioarts Air1 has everything you need for onair, production, news applications, and podcasting at a fraction of the cost of larger consoles. This is Audioarts' most compact design yet; it conserves studio space and is ideal for remotes. Page 1. A I R 1 ADIO IXING ONSOLE Technical Guide December 2007 Page 2. C O N S O L E F E A T U R E S Console Features Overview The AIR 1 console consists of an input section with eight faders and associated switches, monitor and headphone section with two faders and associated switches.

This manual is for the newest version of the Air1 console, which has a USB audio port. 1 (252); Radio Products. RADIO CONSOLES. Networkable Digital Consoles AIR 1 Dec 2007 page 1 4 INSTALLATION AND POWER Audio and Control Wiring All audio IO connections to the AIR 1 console are made via TRS and XLR connectors located on the rear panel of the console, except for the USB connection. pdf Air1 Owner's Manual File Size: 4. 12 MB pdf Air1 with USB Port Owner's Manual File Size: 5. 26 MB This manual is for the newest version of the Air1 console, which has a USB audio port.

Audioarts Air1 Radio Console; Search. Search. The Audioarts AIR1? s proven design has become the number one choice for small studios and production rooms due to its compact footprint, professional features, and attractive price. Operation& Installation Manual. USB Interface Sendreceive connection to digital audio workstations Audioarts solved a pet peeve that was noted in a previous review of another manufacturer's console as the AIR 1 features a splitcue system, allowing simultaneous monitoring of both the console output as well as the cue channel from both headphones and studio monitors.

AudioArts Air1 USB The AudioArts Air1 onair console includes 8 input faders, 6 stereo input channels, 2 microphone input channels, 2 stereo program busses, control room and headphone monitor feeds, selectable control room and headphone monitor feeds, selectable control room monitor multing logic, large VU meter pair with peak indicators

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