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Jul 30, 2016 The 3006 is wearing a Douglas# 7, 110 stainless steel bbl, McMillan A2, tuned old style Rem trigger, and Badger Ordnance bottom metal, brake, 45 MOA rail, rings, and bolt knob. Ammo for both rifles are my own handloads. SWFA SS 16x42 MilDot. 16x42 Rear Focus 14 MOA Turrets Learn More Buy Now. SWFA SS 16x42 Patented MilQuad Reticle. 16x42 SWFA SS 20x42 Patented MilQuad Reticle. 20x42 Rear Focus Jan 21, 2016  On the outside it is almost identical to our existing SWFA SS 315x42 FFP.

However, the reticle in this 315x42 is based off of the extremely popular 14x24 MQDM we released last year.

However, the reticle in this 315x42 is based off of the extremely Table of Contents Speci cations 1 Adjustments 2 Using the Reticle 8 Maintenance 16 Troubleshooting 18 SS Warranty 19.

1 Use highquality glass cleaning solution and a lens cloth or lens pen. Using SS 14x24 IR Manual. indd Shop for SWFA SS 16x42 Tactical 30mm Riflescopes at SWFA. com. Providing top quality Riflescopes to avid sportsmen and sportswomen for over 35 years. Feb 26, 2016 So I picked up a 16x42 swfa ss mil quad reticle, dropped it on a tikka t3 heavy barrel 308.

Shot with it all summer, worked up a nice load using 168gr nosler ballistic tips, chronographed my shots, entered data in a ballistic app on my phone so I knew the holdover points. Perfect For AAFTA Hunter Class. By OldGuy with an Airgun on. I purchased the SS 16x42 Milrad Riflescope right after the American Airgun Field Target Association (AAFTA) changed the rule for Hunter Class to allow a 16x scope. May 30, 2017 We have had the SWFA 16x42 on test now for a few weeks Swfa ss 16x42 manual high school, this is a fantastic little scope that performs very well, well above its price point!

May 04, 2007 I'm posting this on the Super Sniper thread because the 20x SS is one of the scopes I'm interested in, or a Weaver T24. After reading about the subject on the internet I'm getting the impression the a 24x, 36x, or even a 45x is better suited to 100 yd shooting but a lower power like a 6x or 10x is better suited to 300 yd.

First we will start out by saying that the SWFA SS scopes have had a checkered and somewhat controversial past. The original Super Sniper scope was designed and sold by Tasco and by all reports were a good scope.

Aug 20, 2016 This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Apr 09, 2011  Official AR15. com Thread SWFA SS 14X24 HD What SWFA has essentially done here is create an exceptionally rugged and high quality 14X variable that caters to the standard 50 200 yard zero yet offers unparalleled advantages when dialing out to the limits of ones abilities.

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