Dana 44 manual hub removal slide

Aug 15, 2017  I have the hub removed. Backing plate removed. Shims removed. Have been soaking the bearing race to axle for a couple of weeks and I still can't break the axle loose to remove manual are effective methods for performing service Operations.

Some Of these service operations require the Remove hub cap and snap ring. Remove drive flange and gasket. Discard gasket. Replace with new one at time of assembly.

To free Slide Hammer. Figure 12 1019. 12 Remove inner and outer Wheel bearing cups. Tools: D255 Cup Remover Sep 05, 2016  Hi, i have a question about dana 44 axle shafts removal.

How to do it, do I need to open differential cover and do somthing there or the 4 bolts Axle Information: 1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Dana 44 front axle.

Instructions on how to rebuild, repack, and install Warn manual hubs. It is recommended that you read through these instructions before performing these tasks. Mile Marker Stainless Supreme Hubs Dana 44: New Stainless Steel Supreme Hubs! Limited Lifetime Warranty! Dana 44 Pair: 69. 00. Manual Lockout Screws Set of 6: New Ford Bronco Ford Truck Dana 30 Dana 44 LIFETIME WARRANTY: 334. 14. A: D44 Yukon Hardcore Locking Hubs, 30 SPLINE! Apr 21, 2016 If just replacing the hub seal itself, use a slide hammer to grab on the inside of the seal and yank it out.

Now, with all the bulk removed from the rear of the hub, put the punch in from the back and hammer the outer race through the front of the hub. Aug 02, 2010 Rear Dana 44 AxleHub removal. Try here for the manual. Dana Holding Corporation The Expert Librarian Information for driveshafts, ujoints, axles, heavy axles, light axles, Drivelines Once they are all out then the axle should slide out easily.

This is unless you have an early 2 piece dana 44 axle. Then put on a 3 jaw Oct 22, 2012  In this video I am showing you how to replace Dana 44 locking hubs with some refurbished ones. Starting with getting the worn out Warn hub. Loosening up the screws with a MAINTENANCE MANUAL MODEL FRONT AND REAR CARRIER TYPE SPICER AXLE DIVISION The following is a detailed list of all Special Service Tools required to service the Model 44 Front and Rear Axles.

refer to vehicle service manual. 7 Figure 10 100'110 Remove hub grease seal and inner wheel bear News: 7387chevytrucks. com offers select, high quality parts for sale that help fund this website and Forum. The Dana Corporation has posted the Service Manual for the Dana 44" Hub Loc" External Locking Hub: Sometimes the bushing is tight into the body of the gear hub housing (big black part of the hub), then you have to remove the Jan 12, 2016 My how to video on replacing an axle shaft on a 1986 F250 6.

9 idi diesel with the TTB dana 44 front end the one for the bearings it's a 4 pin 2. 375 Outer Spi Dana 44 Models Through 1984 with Manual or Automatic Locking Hubs Raise the vehicle and install safety stands. Refer to Manual or Automatic Free Running Hub removal and installation and remove the hub assemblies.

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