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Snapon offers the largestselection of torque tools available, providing the accuracyyou need to turn Specifications TECH1FR240 TECH2FR100 TECH3FR250 TECH4R600 Square Drive, inches 14 38 12 34 Head Type Sealed Flex Head Sealed Flex s Manual preset and automatic track and peak hold modes sTorque units conversion: Nsm, ftlb, inlb.

I Safety Safety Information For your safety, read this manual thoroughly before operating the equipment. The Aligner is intended for use by properly trained skilled automotive technicians. Instructions Torque& Angle Electronic Torque Wrench. SPECIFICATIONS The Snapon TECHANGLETM wrenches digitally display and monitor fastener torque and angular rotation (turn). Display Modes: Microsoft Word TECHANGLE MANUAL 905 Rev A. doc Author: Snap Find the information about your Snapon diagnostic scanners with the Snapon user manuals from Snapon Diagnostics.

Snapon gives you the advantage of the largest selection of torque tools, so whether you are looking for torque screwdrivers or full featured calibration systems, we have the products in the styles and the ranges you need. Snapon Incorporated is the owner of the trademark SNAPON registered in the United States and other countries, and also claims rights associated with its unregistered trademarks. 38" Drive FlexHead Techwrench Torque Wrench (5100 ftlb) 479. 00 USD. Item: TECH2FR100. Qty: Manual preset and automatic track and peak hold modes Torque units conversion: N m, ftlb, inlb Snapon is a trademark, registered in the United States and other countries, of Snapon Incorporated.

Other marks are marks of The safety messa ges presented throughout this manual are reminders to the operator to exercise extreme care when using this test instrument.

There are many variations in procedures, technique s, tools, and parts for servicing vehicles, as Specifications TECH1FR240 TECH2FR100 TECH3FR250 TECH4R600 Square Drive 14" 38" 12" 34" Sealed, High Strength Head Type flex, ratchet flex, ratchet flex, ratchet Ratchet Read this manual completely before repairing torque wrenches.

DO NOT use or test a wrench that shows signs of damage (bent tubes, cracked or broken parts) caused by misuse. Recommend replacement. DO NOT use cheater extensions on the handles or tube to apply torque.

Snapon TECHANGLE electronic torque and angle wrenches are designed to provide basic electronic features, including Units Conversion, Track, Peak Hold, and Preset functions on a robust, yet ergonomically comfortable, wrench platform.

Nov 29, 2011  Snapon Tools is a subsidiary of Snapon Incorporated, a global leader in hand and power tools, tool storage (including the EPIQ, Masters,

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