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Invalid run data. Speed of run is too fast. Nike is down. Try later? ADD E D Tweet. Questions? @oliverzheng. This site is not affiliated with Nike. For support on your Nike account, contact @NikeSupport. Hi, Does anyone know how to manually add a run to the Nike website? I didn't have my GPS watch with me last night. Ta, D. You have to register the runs through your Nike App switch it on when you start, track your run through your phoneiPodshoe insertwatch, and then it's marked as completed.

You can mark the walks and crosstraining as complete manually. Jun 10, 2012  How Do I Manually Add A Run To The Nike Website?

According to the Nike, it is not possible to manually add or edit the runs but you still follow these steps to have the Nike support help you add in your runs: 1) How do you delete a recorded run in the Nike running website? 1) Click on any runs you want to delete How to Edit a Workout in Nike Plus. by A.

MCDOUGALL Sept. 11, lose your GPS signal, the app may record the distance incorrectly. In this case, you'll need to edit the information manually. Video of the Day Step 1. Nike also do not currently allow you to add a run if the application wasn't running during the workout.

Lose Weight. Feel You can always find a GPX to TCX converter elsewhere, but that doesn't add the map route to your Nike. If you want the Map Route you must use the Garmin Connect URL in the TCX2NikePlus utility. My 2 pence; use Tapirrik Follow the directions below to manually add a run on the Nike Run Club app. Go to the Activity screen. Select the" " icon.

Enter your data Note: Pace will default to the average pace of all your previously synced workouts. When you enter distance andor duration, your pace will adjust accordingly.

In the Nike Run Club for iOS, open the menu tray and tap" Settings" Tap" Partners" Tap the Garmin icon; Tap" Connect" If prompted, enter your Garmin login information; App& Device Support. Which FuelBand do I have?

Do I have a FuelBand or a FuelBand SE? Look inside your band to find out.

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