Spy pen camera instruction manual

DV12 HD 720P Mini Spy Hidden Camera. Smallest True Night Vision Mini Video Camera, HD Video Quality, Manually& Voice Activated. T11 Mini Spy Hidden Camera. Unique Designed Rotatable Hidden Camera, True Night Vision, Best Motion Detection, mah Super Capacity Battery.

SPYCRUSHERS SPY CAMERA PEN Operation Manual SPYCRUSHERS SPY CAMERA PEN LAYOUT Operating Instruction Turning the Spy Camera Pen On Press the powerrecord button (# 1 in layout diagram) and hold until the green status indicator light turns on (# 5 in layout diagram) then release it.

The spy camera pen is a delicate instrument. Do not force things with the spy pen, instead take gentle, yet firm measures when using your spy pen and it will perform wonderfully for years of fun! STEP 1 GETTING STARTED. Slide the mode switch to right, yellow light blink means camera in photo standby mode. Press the operation key once, blue light blink 1 time, it means take 1 photo successfully and saved. CRAISANT'S TM SPY PEN CAMERA Smallest Size Spy Pen I Camera Camcorder I USB mera Camera ud ide Oct 11, 2009 This pen has a hidden camera in the top which you can activate by pressing the button at the top.

You can easily record video and take photos without anyone noticing. The video is very high A nifty spy camera pen that lets you take photos and video discretely. The cameras pinhole is located above the pen clip, so you can wear the pen in your pocket while recording photos, video and audio. Spy Camera Pen Instruction& Tips Mini HD Camera" Cam Pen" Camera Hidden In Pen Video Camera Recorder DVR w Micro SD Card Spy pen camera instruction manual compact spy pen camera produces impressive high definition videos and high quality photos easily and cleverly concealed inside this professional and functional pen.

This is the english manual of this HD 1080P Spy Pen Camera. 1, Introduction Thanks for purchasing this ink pen canera, Which is the first INK PEN CAMERA with full HD Resolution. Human Readable And HIgh Quality Mini USB Flash Drive Spy Camera (DVR MINI U8) English Instruction Manuals. Global online shopping for high quality electronic products, HD spy camera, hidden video recorder smart watch phone, phone accessories at wiseupshop.

com. Blog Posts. How To Use A Spy Pen Camera. In this short blog post we want to raise an issue that worries lots of individuals the necessity to record HD video without being noticed or discovered.

Spy Pen Cameras; HD 720P Spy Pen Camera HD90; HD 720P Spy Pen Camera HD90. Price: 69. 00. SKU: HD90 Instruction Manual (PDF) Key Features. 720P Wide screen HD Video (AVI Format) At PenRecorderPro, we aim to provide high quality, professional grade devices.

User Manuals To find the user manual for your product, you can search by the product's serial number, SKU, product name or product description. Please note: Products that are quite simple to use may not have user manuals. Spy Pen Camera Before You Start About the CD disc This pen does not need any driver to operate unless your OS is Win 98. The attached disc is designed for Win 98 only.

For any later operating systems, please disregard the disc.

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