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Manual Simrad IS20 Graphic Multifunction display Document no: Revision: Date: March 2008 The original language for this document is English. In the event of any discrepancy between translated versions and the English version of this document, the English document will be the official version. The IS20 Graphic is a multifunction instrument that displays speed, depth, heading, position, wind and environmental data measured by sensors and other equipment connected to the system.

Navigational data, enginebattery status and vessel parameters as e. g. accumulated log and rudder angle may also be displayed. operating the Simrad IS20 Graphic instrument.

The manual does not include operator or installation procedures for sensors that can be connected to the system. In this manual, names of menu commands, dialog box text and keys are written in boldface (e.

g. Main menu, Setup command, Left key). The Simrad IS20 GRAPHIC is a new multifunctional instrument thats ideal as a dedicated instrument for any data to be read at distance in the cockpit or on the mast. The flexibility to quickly toggle between display pages makes the Simrad IS20 GRAPHIC the perfect universal performance instrument.

The IS20 Graphic is a flexible digital instrument display. It has 8 data pages, configurable to display your choice of data including, speed, depth, wind log, timer and more. As the IS20 GRAPHIC can operate as a multifunction Simnet or NMEA 0183 repeater, it is ideal for connection to other electronic navigation devices from Simrad Yachting and other The figures below show simplified illustrations for basic and an expanded IS20 system.

Page 9. IS20 Graphic, Basic system IS20 Graphic, Basic system with 2 sensors Introduction 9 Page 10. IS20 Expanded system 10 Introduction Page 11: Basic Operation. 2. 1 Turning the IS20 on IS20 has no power key, and will be running as long 2 IS20 Analog instruments About this manual This manual is a reference guide for installing and operating the Simrad IS20 Graphic instrument.

Technical Features for Simrad IS20 Graphic Display Only The Simrad is a flexible digital instrument display featuring variety of displays combinations of speed, depth, temperature and trip log data.

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