Mainair blade 912 manual high school

The BLADE is a twoseat flexwing in the traditional Mainair style. First built in 1994, with over 350 flying around the world today. First solo around the world with champion pilot Colin Bodill, the Mainair Blade is a true thoroughbred with an impeccable pedigree.

Jun 06, 2017 I have a Mainair Blade 912 which I must sell due to emigration. The trike flies like a dream and has no issues. Total Hours: 450 The trike is hangared at Morningstar, Western Cape. The Mainair Blade is a British ultralight trike that was designed and produced by Mainair Sports and later P& M Aviation. The aircraft was supplied as a completed aircraft. In the early 2000s Mainair was merged with rival Pegasus Aviation into P& M Aviation, but production of the Blade continued.

As the company rationalized the two aircraft lines, Blade production ended. Apr 05, 2009  Blade 912 Welcome to the Microlight Forum The Microlight forum is a friendly place for microlight pilots and enthusiasts for the lighter end of aviation to Mainair Blade 912, GBZFS Summary: The accident flight occurred on the first flight of the day. The aircraft engine and pretakeoff checks at Caernarfon Airport were satisfactory. He carried out a preflight inspection in accordance with the Mainair manual before starting the engine and taxiing to the apron, where he performed the pretakeoff checks.

He took off on Runway 15 into a light southeasterly wind and the aircraft climbed and performed normally. Mainair Blade 912 with Spanish registration (Homolgated) and all papers in order.

1998, 1450hrs. Exceptional condition and well maintained. Exceptional condition and well maintained. Flies superbly. 65L Tank, rear seat steering, trike and prop covers, wing bag, landing light.

The Rotax 912 is a normally aspirated, air and watercooled, horizontally opposed fourcylinder, fourstroke, gear reductiondrive engine commonly used on certified aircraft, light sport aircraft, ultralight aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles. This was probably owned by Shackleton Aviation and for sale at the time. Shackleton had a hangar at Sywell.

Photo taken at Northampton Sywell (ORM EGBK) Defect: Reports of cracking of the enginecooler mounting brackets where the nut has been tightened onto a step in the bracket causing undue stress in that location. If cracking is found, please file a WM Defect Report on the HGFA website. Photo taken at Sandtoft (EGCF) in England, United Kingdom on March 9, 2010. BM51 Mainair Blade 912 BM54 Mainair Rapier BM60 Mainair Blade 912S BM70 Quik GT450 BM77 QuikR Defect: Reports of cracking of the air intake silencer rear mounting bracket.

Airborne have increase the length of the bracket as the original one was too short. The engine mount bolts torque value will be added to their next manual update.

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