Coin comparator cc 16d manual transmission

Jan 10, 2013 Can you post a picture of the label on the CC16? I reread your first post in which you said it was a 12V comparitor. The pin outs I posted earlier are for a 13V Inhibit CC16sorry 'bout that. Need help setting up a new location? Let Spin design your Casino Floor. With over 30 years experience in the industry, we know what gamers want and how to keep them in your casino.

The new CC16 is the most advanced horizontal benchtop comparator CCP has to offer. Get the new TruLight allLED illumination technology and advanced software to easily measure your parts.

CC16 offers several standard and advanced options for your application: This coin comparitor can be used in an IGT S, IGT PE, Bally 5500 and Bally 6000 machines. This is a 24V small coin. Can be used for nickel and quarters. These units are used but tested to be good in a machine before shipment. Coin comparator cc 16d manual transmission coin comparitor plug is available on Electronic Coin Comparator Drop type. Unit has a top inserting type design, and comes with dual sensors to increase reliability.

It runs on 12vDC and connects directly to the coin counter. Find great deals on eBay for coin comparitor. Shop with confidence. CC16D 12V coin comparitor. This is a 12V CC16D small coin comparitor which is used in the Williams 400 and 550 machines.

Has not been tested. Reviews. There are no reviews yet. Be the first to review CC16D 12V COIN COMPARITOR Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Coin Comparitor Coin Comparitor CC16 MC16 The" ASP CC Coin Security Kit CC16" and the new sticker" ASP DL CC16 Coin Security" is obtainable from Atronic. Coil Mounting Screw Washer Hex nut Manual OP MO GEN Coin Acceptors CC16MC16 ROW 1. 2. p65 Author: g Instruction Manual for the Comparator 100 The JOBO Comparator is an electronic measuring instrument for the determination of exposure times for black and white and color enlargements.

It is suited for the following applications: Find great deals on eBay for coin comparitor cc 16. Shop with confidence. COIN MECHANISMS CC40 COIN COMPARITOR 24VAC INHIBIT MODEL SHOWN. Please specify a configuration below. Coin Mechanisms Inc. is the worldwide leader in supplying highspeed electronic Coin Comparitors to the slot machine industry.

Welcome to Spin Inc, your one stop shop for all the gaming parts you need, Coin Comparitor for IGT, Bally, Atronic, Aristocrat, Konami, Novomatic, Williams Page 5 of 15 REV1 with a JST header. This configuration can also apply to the CC40 comparitors. Refer to the machine manual to determine what outputs pertain to your machine. Dec 27, 2011 [Archive IGT Red White and Blue Coin Comparator problem Slot Machines KLOVVAPS Coinop Videogame, Pinball, Slot Machine, and EM Machine Forums Hosted by Museum of the it looks like the CC10 isnt getting any power, the light isnt turning on when i flip the power on, and all the wiring looks good.

modessitt.10: 21 AM. Hi I recently purchased a CC16d coin comparitor from ebay. I want to use it to sort through copper and zinc pennies. Now my problem is that i thought i could just hook up a 12v source and sample coin Product Description: The CC16 is the most widely used and recognized gaming coin validator. It utilizes a patented magnetic induction system which provides an acceptreject decision within milliseconds, defining speed, security and reliability.

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