Ddq 5-speed manual transmission

2, 4, 5& 6Speed Manual Transmissions Whether youre looking for a manual transmission as an OEM replacement part or looking to add a performance shifter to your speed machine, Summit Racing has all of the 2, 4, 5 and 6speed manual trannys you need to keep charging to the front of the pack. Buy TRANSMISSION. 5 Speed.

For Jeep Cherokee. TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY. 1997 XJ, 5 SPEED. 4. 0L Six Transfer, Case, DDQ OEM Jeep Part AB ( ) If you are fixing up a muscle car, a Chevy 5speed manual transmission is an ideal choice, as it allows for a greater feel for the engine. Automatic transmissions can also be had for repair projects. A Chevy 1500 5speed transmission for example, can be had with Jul 31, 2011 Is DDQ 5 Spd an AX5 or AX15 One of the bits of information we were given was for the transmission.

They said the manufacturer's code for that component was" DDQ 5 Speed". Oct 13, 2008 Can anyone tell me what transmission I have? Dang email from Chrysler only gives a code of DDQ5 Speed I hope its a AX15 or NV3550 manual! Mar 24, 2006 I have the cold shifting problem that has been discussed here and I'd like to figure out which transmission I have and try replacing the Jeep Wrangler Forum When I bought it about a year ago I got an equipment list from Chrysler and they list it as DDQ5Speed Manual Transmission.

Any suggestions? Thanks Mike, 05: 59 PM Select an illustration to view its particular parts. 1. Manual Transmission 5 Speed Transmission (DDQ) 2. Manual Transmission 5 Speed Transmission (DDD) Parts found for 1998 Dodge Dakota Manual Transmission Transmission.

Manual Transmission 5 Speed Transmission Aisin (DDQ) 2. Manual Transmission 5 Speed Transmission (DDC) View by Part Description. Ref No. Part No. Part Description. Retail Price. Your Price. Qty. Cart. Apr 28, 2005 The general consensus it that the 'DDQ' build code is for a '5speed manual transmission not a particular model of 5 speed.

After viewing pics of the fill plug on both I've concluded that it must be an AX15. DDP 5Speed Manual NVG 4500 Transmission DDQ 5Speed Manual (AX15) (AX5) Transmission DDR 5Speed Manual T850 Transmission DDT 5Speed Manual TR4050 Transmission DE1 6Speed C635 Manual Transmission DGZ 4Speed Automatic MT643 Transmission SALES CODES TRANSMISSION. Created Date: JEEP CHEROKEE (XJ) 5 Speed Manual Transmission PARTS CATALOG Page BA 105: The BA 105 is a light duty 5 Ddq 5-speed manual transmission manual transmission.

It and the Aisin AX5 were used in all Wranglers from 1987mid 1989. It and the Aisin AX5 were used in all Wranglers from 1987mid 1989.

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