Brasilia espresso machine portofino manual transfer

So you walk out of work one day and find that the catering company next door has chucked what appears to be an almost never used Brasilia Portofino out into the alley. The only thing missing seems to be the portafilter.

Hmnm After a little research and an email to Italy, you get a copy of the owners manual After a little more research, TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION Overview of the espresso coffee machines Portofino AMERICA Range Automatic coffee machines Portofino America Digital Compact 1group espresso coffee machine with microprocessor controlled electronic measured dosage, digital programming from the push button pad.

Operation of the Brasilia coffee machine Hydraulic diagram As can be seen from the hydraulic diagram, the water for preparing the coffee is not taken from the boiler, but comes directly from the water mains and is heated in the heat exchangers by the heat of the water contained in the boiler.

Commercial Espresso Machines, Espresso Grinders, Espresso Parts, Coffee Brewing Equipment and more! We are here to help you (800) Brasilia Boiler Portofino Parts Brasilia Commercial Espresso Parts Parts Espresso Parts Aug 20, 2004 my machine was volumetric if your machine is also an auto, I can email a PDF of users manual [that has programming info.

Otherwise, it's a combination of beans blend, freshness, and the grind. I was aiming at 50ml15gr25sec. Manual espresso machines do not contain a pump to help in the brewing process and needs a learning period and exact timing to brew a cup of espresso correctly.

Manual espresso machines suit those users who seek a more authentic espresso Brasilia USA also has the largest stock of Brasilia espresso machines, Once we get customer authorization, we will ship the cartridges with instructions. machine manual cs2 that you can search& downloads manuals from the premier manuals depository.

Hi, just picked up a Brasilia Portofino. Don't seem to be having much success with getting it to work though. I suppose the first place to start would be with trying to obtain a user manual.

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