Epd n2 user manual

Workers in nuclear power plants, nuclear research facilities, and medical laboratories need to constantly monitor their exposure to potentially harmful radiation.

Thermo Scientific EPD Electronic Personal Dosimeters monitor exposure to ionizing radiation in real time and emit both audible and visual Thermo Scientific EPD N2 Electronic Personal Dosimeter Excellent performance in mixed gammaneutron fields and for lowdose measurements.

Advanced radiological performance, 20keV to 10MeV (photon), thermal (0. 025eV) to 15MeV (neutron). EPDN2 Electronic Personal GammaNeutron Dosimeter Product Specifications EPD The high quality of the Thermo Scientific EPD Mk2, combined with the included easytouse Easy Issue and EasyEPD2 software packages and the integrated infrared EPD reader, makes the Dosimetry Solution the perfect kit for any facility looking to monitor radiation dose. EPD EPDN2 Mk. 2. 5, GammaNeutron Dosimeter, Black, Lithium (default) or Alkaline AA Battery, Alligator Clip and Security or Coin Battery Cap (default).

Shop online for a wide selection of Thermo Scientific EPD Mk2, G and N2 Readers To complement the Thermo Scientific EP DMk2, G and N2. The basic IrDA reader, is ideal for EPDN2 Measures Hp(10) for photons and neutrons of all energies Dose can be displayed in different units uSv, mrem, cGy. (cGy is not currently available for neutron measurement Thermo Electron Corporation EPDHB.

Thermo Electron Corporation EasyEPD2 is.

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