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Fortran 9095 Programming Manual It is assumed that you have access to a computer with a Fortran 90 or Fortran 95 compiler. It is strongly recommended to switch on the compiler flag that warns when the compiler Oct 05, 2016 Please see the Portland Group Int'l vendor website for PGI Fortran compiler documentation. The PGI Fortran compiler is also known as pgfortran. Please see the Online PGI compiler manual for more information. Bob Y. 15: 49, 14 December 2010 (EST) The first manual for FORTRAN appeared in October 1956, with the first FORTRAN compiler delivered in April 1957.

This was the first optimizing compiler, because customers were reluctant to use a highlevel programming language unless its compiler could generate code with performance comparable to that of handcoded assembly language.

1 Getting Started. 1. 1 Overview; 1. 2 Invoking the commandlevel PGI Compilers. Data parallel shared or distributed memory parallel programs compiled using the PGHPF High Performance Fortran compiler parallel programs of this variety can be run on SMP workstations or servers, distributedmemory clusters of workstations, or clusters of SMP PGI Compiler Programming Environment. To use the PGI compiler, swap in the PGI programming environment (PrgEnvpgi) and use the wrappers for C (cc), C (CC), and Fortran (ftn).

May 24, 2018 The PGI Compiler Reference Manual is the Pgi fortran compiler manual companion to the PGI Compiler User's Guide which provides operating instructions for the PGI commandlevel development environment. It also contains details concerning the PGI compilers' interpretation of the Fortran language, implementation of Fortran language extensions, and commandlevel This manual includes reference information for using the PGI Visual Fortran compilers and program development tools integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio to edit, compile, debug, optimize, and profile serial and parallel applications on both x64 CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs.

The PGHPF Reference Manual, describes the HPF language statements that the PGI compiler supports and lists the supported intrinsics and functions.

The High Performance Fortran Handbook, describes HPF in detail and is the language's primary reference manual. PGI Users Guide Parallel Fortran, C and C for Scientists and Engineers Where those designations appear in this manual, The Portland Group was aware of a trademark claim.

The designations have been printed in caps or initial caps. Thanks is given to the Parallel Tools Consortium and, in particular, Generic PGI Compiler Options PGI Users Guide Parallel Fortran, C and C for Scientists and Engineers The Portland Group STMicroelectronics Two Centerpointe Drive Lake Oswego, OR PGI Fortran Reference The Portland GroupTM STMicroelectronics Two Centerpointe Drive, Suite 320 these languages are referred to as the PGI Fortran compilers.

This manual is part of a set of other documents describing the Fortran language and the compilation tools available from The Portland The PGI Fortran reference manuals describe Fortran statements and extensions as implemented in the PGI Fortran compilers.

For further information refer to the following: This manual describes the Portland Group's implementation of Fortran 77, the language accepted by the pgf77 compiler, and is part of a set of manuals describing the Fortran, C and C compilers and the compilation tools available from The Portland Group. This manual presents a description of the statements and intrinsics accepted by pgf77 Fortran 77.

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