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IN STOCK. Out of Stock Please Call for Availability Pfeiffer ACP 28 Compact Multistage Roots Type Booster Blower Vacuum Pump Rebuilt, Refurbished ACP 28, Standard, three phase, manual gas ballast Similar Image Page 2 Dry Compact Multistage Roots Pumps. Clean Vacuum. High Reliability. ACP 15 28 40 AP A SSION FOR PERFECTION Pfeiffer Vacuum stands for innovative and custom ACP 40, Standard, single phase, manual gas ballast.

ACP 40, Standard, single phase, manual gas ballast Similar Image Page 2. Dimensions Sound enclosure kit SEK 2840, for ACP 28 and ACP 40 pumps Page 3. Are you looking for a Adixen ACP28 Pfeiffer ACP 28 Compact Dry Vacuum Pump, V6SATSFAMF The multistage technology of the ACP series meets the requirements of applications where clean and dry vacuum is needed. The frictionless pumping module is optimized to operate without internal lubricant and provides outstanding oilfree vacuum with no Part 3.

1 Page 171 3. 1 Vacuum generation Multistage Roots pumps Light Duty Applications Air Cooled ACP 28 Technical data: ACP 28, standard ACP 28, G version ACP 28, CV version Pfeiffer ACP 28 Pump Major Components Sheet. Corresponding Datasheet: NA Date Revised:. Features Pump Design: Multistage Roots Dry Pump GB Edition 08 July 06 12 Users manual ACP series dry primary pumps APPLICATIONS: ACP 15, ACP 28 AND ACP 40 DRY PRIMARY PUMPS FOR CLEAN APPLICATIONS Instrumentation Research and Development

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