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Instructions for Use for Clinicians Featuring Peel& Place Dressing and KCI customer contact information is located in the back of this guide. Reuse of disposable components may result in wound contamination, infection and or failure of the wound to heal. V. A. C. Simplicity Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System Wound healing at the touch of a button Easy to Operate Simple interface minimizes device training time immediately contact KCI.

See back cover of this User Manual for country specific contact information. International User Manual V. A. C. Therapy is a system that uses controlled negative pressure (vacuum) to create an environment that promotes wound healing by bringing the wound edges together, reducing edema, promoting granulation tissue A Portable Unit for Advanced Negative Pressure Wound Therapy.

VAC, 5060 Hz 1 Amp ChargerExternal Supply Output: 18 VDC, 5 Amp Maximum Electrical Leakage: 100 Microamps Classification V. A. C. Freedom Therapy Unit User Manual. Related Condition. Pressure Ulcers Home Care Instructions for VAC Therapy. move depends on the location of your wound and treatment that your doctor prescribes. Wound Care The VAC therapy system uses suction to promote wound healing. It removes infected If you have any questions you may contact KCI at 1800 The question on previous wound treatment is required to answer.

If you selected the patient from your patient list, the answer will automatically be set to yes. c. Enter V. A. C. Wound Information. d. Enter all other optional information available and hit Continue. KCI Express V2 Homecare Ordering VAC KCI Ireland play an active role in the wound healing process whether this is within a hospital setting or within the patients home.

V. A. C. Therapy uses a vacuum or negative pressure and specialised dressings, to help facilitate wound healing. User Manual KCI Active Healing by DesignTM v. a. c. simplicity TM. Wound Therapy Unit. V. A. C. (Vacuum Assisted Closure wound healing therapy can be readily integrated into the healthcare providers wound healing practice, helping to optimize patient care and manage costs.

This V. A. C. Freedom Alarm Troubleshooting Quick Reference Quick reference for the delivery of prescribed therapy. System AWill Alarm If ction. Canister is full or tubing blocked This alarm will sound if the canister is full orif th eu bng s k dl c.

KCI NPWT Gauze Dressing Featuring SensaT. R. A. C. Technology For small, medium& large wounds V. A. C.

ULTA Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System User Manual V. A. C. ULTA Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System Quick Reference Guide (user manuals and instructions for use) for ACELITY product lines available in the US. This Therapy Systems User Manual and the Safety Information Sheet before applying V. A. C. Therapy. If there are questions, or if this information sheet is missing, immediately contact your local KCI representative.

Additional product information can be found at www. kci1. com (USA) or www. kcimedical. com (Vacuum Assisted Closure Apria is a dedicated provider of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) equipment and supplies to facilitate wound care while at home. NPWT assists in the healing of wounds that occur as a result of damage to the surface of the skin. User Manuals; Clinical Guides; Sources:

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