M9206 gga 2s manual transmission

The Johnson Controls M9200 Series spring return actuators are designed to position return air, exhaust air, or outside air dampers. Torques range from 27 to 177 inlbs and available control signals are twoposition (onoff), tristate (floating), and proportional.

2 M9206 Series Electric Spring Return Actuators Installation Instructions Removable Coupler If the damper shaft is less than 3. 2 in. (80 mm) long, the coupler must be inserted in the face of the actuator closest to the damper. Johnson Controls M9206GGA2S 24v Proportional Spring Return Actuator (53 lbin) The M9206xxx2S Series Actuators are directmount, spring return electric actuators intended for use with onoff, floating, or proportional controllers.

6 M9208GGxx Series Proportional Electric Spring Return Actuators Installation Instructions Manual Override Use only the supplied manual override crank to reposition the actuator hub when using the manual override feature.

To reposition the actuator hub, proceed as follows: M Repair Kit includes a coupler, set screw, and locking clip for mounting an M9206 actuator to a 38 to 58 in. (10 to 16 mm) round shaft or a 38 to 916 in. (10 to 14 mm) square shaft. M Locking Clip for the M9206 actuator coupler (bag of 5) Request Our Free Catalog.

1 (877) 2017 Industrial Controls. All rights reserved. manual gear release simplify installation, setup, and field adjustments M9206 and M9216 Series actuators, are recommended for use with outdoor air dampers in cold climates. These compact M91xx actuators use a DC motor with stall M9108GGA2 M Adjustable Stop Kit for M9203 Series Electric SpringReturn Actuators (Quantity 1) The performance specifications are nominal and conform to acceptable industry standards.

For applications at conditions beyond these specifications, consult the local Johnson Controls office. M9108, M9116, M9124, and M9132 Series Electric Nonspring Return Actuators Product Bulletin 3 Repairs and Replacement Field repairs must not be made. REFERENCE GUIDE for Competitor Part Numbers SPRING RETURN CONTROL SIGNAL FEEDBACK AUXILIARY SWITCHES TORQUE (inlb) M9206BAA2S NF24 US 1 1 120 24 53 60 90 75 M9206GGA2MP LF24MFT20 US 4 6 24 24 53 35 210 VDC 90 150adj.

M Ball Valve Linkage Kit Manual Handle for Nonspring Return Applications Allows manual positioning of the actuator when power is M9206 gga 2s manual transmission M9206Bxx2S Series OnOff Electric Spring Return Actuators Installation Instructions (Part No. 34 150 sec24vac dc 7150 electric direct mount damper actuator w manual OVERRIDE. 1486 results like Johnson Controls M9220gga3 Actuator Johnson Controls Switch Type SPST, Switch Action Opens on High Pressure, Manual Reset, 14 In.

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