Inferior metal antrostomy procedure manual

MIDDLE MEATAL ANTROSTOMY 1. Definition: Enlargement of the natural opening of the maxillary sinus into the middle meatus. 2.

Indications: Recurrent acute maxillary sinusitis. The procedure may be done under local or general anaesthetic as a day case or overnight Endoscopic inferior meatal antrostomy. Author links open overlay panel Carl W. Moeller MD James A. Stankiewicz MD. Show more. The procedure is safe and relatively simple to perform. An inferior medial based flap extending to the floor of the nose can be fashioned endoscopically prior to making the antrostomy.

This flap is folded into the Home Medical Reference and Training Manuals Intranasal Antrostomy (Antral window). Special Surgical Procedures Special Surgical Procedures Figure 110. Request PDF on ResearchGate Inferior Meatal Antrostomy: Is It Necessary after Radical Sinus Surgery Through the CaldwellLuc Approach? In the CaldwellLuc (CWL) operation, an antrostomy at the An antrostomy is a surgical procedure in which the maxillary sinus is opened so that it can drain properly, while also being cleared out by the surgeon to remove materials which may have contributed to inflammation.

Inferior Meatal Antrostomy in Chronic Maxillary Sinusitis 291 and for sinuscopy: 1. normallooking mucosa n 4 2. chronic hyperplastic sinusitis n 31 OPEN ACCESS ATLAS OF OTOLARYNGOLOGY, HEAD& NECK OPERATIVE SURGERY CALDWELLLUC (RADICAL ANTROSTOMY), INFERIOR MEATAL ANTROSTOMY& CANINE FOSSA AND INFERIOR MEATUS PUNCTURES Johan Fagan techniques, the CaldwellLuc procedure is now infrequently used to treat sinusitis. CaldwellLuc Operation Without Inferior Meatal Antrostomy: A Retrospective Study of 50 Cases Luc operation without inferior meatal antrostomy in the treatment of odontogenic maxillary sinusitis or odontogenic sinus disease.

Patients and Methods. The records of 50 patients who had an odontogenic sinus disease and underwent the PATHOLOGY J Oral Maxillofac Surg 70:2012 CaldwellLuc Operation Without Inferior Meatal Antrostomy: A Retrospective Study of 50 Cases YuChen Huang, DDS, and WenHo Chen, DDS Jan 23, 2011 Endoscopic inferior meatal antrostomy has it got any role today? Introduction: Since the introduction of Functional endoscopic surgery inferior meatal antrostomy as a procedure has taken a back seat due to the apprehension that it could tamper with the normal mucociliary clearance mechanism.

Maxillary Sinus Puncture (Antral Washout) Concept: The maxillary: The maxillary sinus is irrigated with saline solution by a cannula introduced through the inferior meatus. The solution circulates inside the sinus cavity and comes Meatus Antrostomy Product Manuals Product Performance& Advisories Education& Training What Is a Maxillary Antrostomy?

Sinus Infections. The procedure to clear the sinus opening is called a maxillary antrostomy. The procedure to clear the osteomeatal complex is called an uncinectomy. Usually, both are performed together.

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