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Sep 05, 2013 SmartList Builder allows you to access tables and views that aren't a part of a Dexterity dictionary, this is, tables and views created directly in the SQL Server company database. Of course, on of the advantages of this approach is being able to access data from other nonMicrosoft Dynamics GP databases on your server. eOne Solutions and Microsoft have agreed that beginning with the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 the Dynamics GP Extender module will no longer be available via Microsoft but will instead return to the control of eOne.

In 2006 eOne gave Microsoft the rights to market, sell and support Dynamics GP eXtender and Dynamics GP SmartList Builder via an OEM agreement, company officials said.

We are happy to announce the release of a new SmartList Builder for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. With this release comes many new and exciting features.

We have been introducing them to you in a blog series throughout the month of December. Some of the Enterprise templates have Dexterity Coding in them that can be used as sample code if you need for another resource you may be creating. Top 3 reasons to use the Extender and SmartList Builder templates: 1.

Don't reinvent the wheel use a template and save yourself time. Want to arrange for a meeting with the eOne team SmartList Builder Users Guide Whats in this manual The SmartList Builder manual is designed to give you an indepth understanding of how to use SmartList Builder.

The manual contains the following parts: Part 1, Using SmartList Builder, describes how to create SmartLists using Feb 23, 2011 How to use MS Dynamics SmartList Builder, Excel Report Builder and other Reporting tools to get the data and analysis you need. Home; About Me; Suggestions? Questions? You may need to try a couple fields or if you have access to Dexterity, Modifier or the Support Debugging tool you can find the exact name of the field on the Feb 05, 2009 Creating SQL Views of Extender Data This view can then be used by SmartList Builder to show the Extender data in SmartList.

However, the views created by Extender have a number of issues with them that makes them less than perfect.

Dexterity does not understand the concept of NULL and Eone smartlist builder manual dexterity not be happy with a NULL being returned.

Create custom SmartLists or modify existing SmartLists in Dynamics GP with SmartList Builder by eOne Solutions. Sep 10, 2013  New SmartList Builder features from eOne 16, Victoria Yudin January 6, 2014 Read More: Important SmartList Builder announcement [ Like Like. Builder vs Designer: Dynamics GP community questions Microsoft's alternative SmartList creation tool MSDynamicsWorld.

com GP Community Full Articles UPDATED: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Documentation& Resources Posted on January 4, 2015 by Vaidhy Mohan In my opinion, Microsoft Dynamics GP team Jan 14, 2009 Add SmartList Builder back into the Dynamics. set launch file. Delete or move the file from the Addins subfolder under the Microsoft Dynamics Application folder. Download SmartList Builder now and see why it is the best tool for reporting on GP data. View our manuals, release notes, and prebuilt templates.

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