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com site today. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Diagnose shift problems& verify solenoids with SuperFlow's SuperShifter handheld transmission tester. Our Number Description Qty. Cost ZOOM PRODUCTS ZOM01X201 A140E 6 PIN REC ADAPTER 2 193. 13 SHMANUAL SHAFFER SHIFTER MANUAL 1 25. 62 Our Number Description Qty. Cost SHL L ADAPTER GM EM LOK UP 1 120. 98 SHL4T80E 94UP 4T80E ADAPTER HARNE 1 120. 98 Schaffer Shifter Manual BMW E90 DS Sport Mode& Manual Mode Automatic Shifter Repair.

by Mike Y. 27, 782 views I've gone nearly 50k miles using only manual mode on my car. Now you can choose the actual vehicle manual youre looking for. Well select 2007 CK Truck. A scrolling document will appear and you can select the with the Schaffer Shifter and 3in1 Solenoid Tester.

The Schaffer 3in1 Solenoid Tester controls all existing solenoids in a durable, compact, affordable package.

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