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Description of Croozer Baby Sling for Kid Bike Trailer Model Year. Note: Delivery includes one infant sling only. With the comfortable Croozer Baby Sling, your baby can ride with you in a backfriendly, reclining position. Safety first: this is why the sides are extra high, and the Infant Sling is mounted with tension onto The Croozer Kid 1 and Kid 1 Plus Trailers will accommodate 1 infant sling, while the Croozer Kid 2 and Kid Plus 2 Trailers can either accommodate 2 infant slings or 1 infant sling and 1 older child in the regular trailer seat.

The Croozer Kid 1 will accommodate 1 infant sling, while the Croozer Kid 2 can either accommodate 2 infant slings or 1 infant sling and 1 older child in the regular trailer seat. The infant sling is intended for children between the ages of 1 10 months who are shorter than 30" and less than 22lbs. CROOZER KID PLUS INFANT SLING BROWN But to ensure you can still take baby with you in your Croozer Kid Plus, there is the matching Croozer Infant Sling.

In it your baby will feel nice and comfortable right from the start and be able to enjoy the ride with a clear view. In addition, the highperformance Sylomer suspension gently Croozer's Infant Sling offers Croozer infant sling manual high school comfort and security for your little one.

It fits your Kid Carrier stroller (sold separately) to cradle your little treasure with solid lateral support for safety and a padded, threepoint seat belt. The Infant Sling is recommended for children approximately 4 The Croozer Infant Sling has strapreinforced side walls which ensure your child is held safely and is comfortably supported from the sides. The padded 3point harness holds baby securely in its seat and tensions the backrest to give full support to your baby in a seatedlying position.

The Croozer Baby Sling is as comfortable as a hammock Thule Infant Sling Padded sling for your baby's lateral support and maximum stability.

(Age 110 Months) (4366 kB) I love my chariot cougar stroller it's a high quality safe stroller that I researched extensively as I wanted a product that wood be both safe and long lasting. When I discovered I could use Croozer infant sling is suitable for babies from birth till 10 months (similar to a hammock) and is attached in the trailer at the top and bottom of the frame. The hammock can be left or right mounted. Croozer Kid for 2 3in1 www. croozer. eu Buggy Bicycle Trailer Stroller your Croozer Kid, pass on this manual to the new user.

Infant Sling that is available as an optional accessory. The Croozer Kid for 2 can carry one or two children, and the Croozer Kid for 1, only one child. Buy Croozer Infant Sling In Stock Now. Lowest Prices On Croozer Infant Sling. Fast Free Post On Orders Over 100 Looking for the instructions or manual for your Croozer product? More info. Can I use my Croozer trailer with a standard infant car seat or an infant sling from another manufacturer?

e. g. at nursery school, and continue riding with your infant, it is not necessary to move the Baby Seat to the right side while your infant is riding alone Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Croozer Infant Sling Kid Bike Trailer Accessory at Amazon.

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