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SF4B safety light curtain. Safety light curtains, type 4, PLe More the 40 different models and modular expandability characterize the SF4B series. The compact safety light curtains, type 4 according to EN 2 and performance level PLe according to EN ISO, are available in 3 different beam pitches (10mm, 20mm und 40mm) Light Curtain Type4 SF4B Series Instruction Manual WUMESF4BV211.

Thank you for purchasing Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNXs Light Curtain, SF4B series. Please read this instruction manual carefully and thoroughly for the correct and optimum use of this device. The light curtain has a builtin muting function that causes the light curtain to ignore workpiece when two or more of the four muting sensors are interrupted simultaneously as a result of a workpiece passing by. Thank you for purchasing Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNXs Compact Light Curtain, SF4B Kindly keep this manual in a convenient place for quick reference.

This device is a light curtain for protecting a person from dangerous parts of a machine which. Manual adjust digital fiber amplifier with readout Fiber Optic Cables; Threaded Compact light curtain with metal inner frame and plastic covered body for durability and light weight: (formerly Sunx) SF4B series safety light curtain handy monitor.

Allows setting fixed and fl. The safety light curtain is equipped with a muting control function that causes the line to stop only when a person passes through the safety light curtain, and does not stop the line when an object passes through. The light curtain SF2A SF2N series, area sensor NA40 series, and SF1N series can be replaced with the SF2B series using the current mounting holes and connection cables.

Selectable safety circuits Panasonic safety light curtains offer category 2& 4 protection and are suitable for your entire machine safeguarding needs. Offering units with no dead zone detection and builtin muting and blanking functions, Panasonic can provide you with a solution that is tailored to the needs of your machine.

Laser alignment tool for safety light curtains, class 2 laser, range up to 50 meters, useable and clippable to YBB and YCA light curtains models, 2 AAA batteries included. YXW 6. 00 Safety light curtain mounting

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