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CH52, 15 Sep 2015 Page 1 of 4 MILPERSMAN SETTING ASIDE NONJUDICIAL PUNISHMENTS (NJP) Responsible Office BUPERS (BUPERS 00J) Phone: DSN COM FAX (901) 874 3166 marine corps manual for legal administration unit punishment book and changes to legal administrative procedures in support of nonjudicial punishment and courtsmartial.

ref b is the Article 15, combined with the Manual for CourtsMartial, is the law that empowers commanding officers to carry out a nonjudicial punishment in lieu of a courtmartial.

Who Can Impose a NonJudicial Punishment? Non judicial punishment is authorized by Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and its objective is to deter naval staff from punish them for committing minor offenses without impairing their service record. The general procedure to be followed in these situations is outlined in the Part V of the Manual for Court Martial.

An A nonjudicial punishment (NJP) in the United States Armed Forces is a form of military justice authorized by Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Nonjudicial punishment or" NJP" permits commanders to administratively discipline troops without a courtmartial. Punishment can In this article I will be discussing an important area of the UCMJ, Article 15 (NPJ: NonJudicial Punishment) 1.

NJP is used by commanders to deal with misconduct issues that are too serious to be dealt with using administrative corrective procedures, Manual for CourtsMartial 1 The Manual of the Judge Advocate General may be cited as" JAGMAN, 0101a(1), " " JAGMAN, A1b, " or JAGMAN, Chapter II. Forms, certain reference material, and technical guides are located in the The process for nonjudicial punishment is governed by Part V of the Manual for CourtsMartial and by each service branch's regulations.

Nonjudicial punishment proceedings are known by different terms among the services. NonJudicial Punishment Procedures and Proceedings 31 NonJudicial Punishment Clemency Action 33 NonJudicial Punishment Appeals 35 Section III: Administrative Investigations 37 Investigations under the JAGMAN 38 Death Investigations 41 AIR FORCE INSTRUCTION 31 MARCH 2015 Law NONJUDICIAL PUNISHMENT of the Manual for CourtsMartial (MCM), and Air Force Policy Directive (AFPD) 512, Administration of Military Justice.

It establishes requirements for imposing nonjudicial to the Publication OPR for nontiered compliance items. Send all recommended

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