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The JET drive, also known as a hydrojet, is primarily used on exclusive and highspeed yachts, ferries, racing boats and similar. In principle, this drive consists of a pump, which draws water in through an opening in the bottom of the boat, accelerates it via an impeller and discharges it again through an opening in the stern.

Going Propless: WaterJet Drives. Waterjet drives, long a curiosity, are now turning up on almost everything. By Chuck Husick posted Oct 3rd, 2007 at 4: 11pm. Critical evaluation areas include design cruise speed, matching the drive to the shape of the hull, and maneuverability requirements.

Dec 18, 2006 A Jet Drive uses an impeller in a tube which sucks in water from the bottom and shoots it out a nozzel at the stern at a high rate of speed. As water is expelled backward, the boat moves forward (think of how a rocket works.

) Water enters the jet unit intake on the bottom of the boat, at boat speed, and is accelerated through the jet unit and discharged through the transom at a high velocity. such as stern drives, outboard motors, shafted propellers and surface drives.

These advantages include: Reliability. Pump design offers up to 25 more thrust than The waterjet drive basic principles and the consequent benefits Essentially a waterjet drive is like an aircraft turbojet with the difference that the operating fluid is the water boat cool design DesignProject Fast jet prop propeller propulsion pump Remotecontrol reneeceldesign underwater waterjet WaterJetDrive waterjetpump waterpump youtube License Water Jet Drive by ReneeCelDesign is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial license.

My own design of a water jet drive system. New upload features a servo holder and a V shaped botom for better fitting in the boat. Jan 09, 2011 hi i have reacentley got a dateline with a pp jet can aney body tell me wear i can obtain parts tar: confused: Yamaha jet drives are amazingly fuel efficient. Amazingly Quiet Yamaha covers its jet drive powerheads with a ThreeYear Limited Warranty and jet pump systems with a TwoYear Limited Warranty for pleasure use.

allowing you to spend more time on the water. Its smart design places the power trim and tilt switch conveniently above the Jet Drive, as well as any other Jet Drive model, in a boat which has been determined to be of suitable size, Care must be exercised in the design and construction of the engine compartment.

Seams must be located so that any rain water or splash, which may leak through the seams, is di HP JET DRIVE INSTALLATION MANUAL Original manufacturer of the world Water jet drive design manual Berkeley Jet Drive marine propulsion system. Water Jet Cutting A Technology on the Rise October 2010 Page 4 Fig. 3 Streamline PROI High Pressure Pump from KMT Waterjet Systems Direct drive Find great deals on eBay for water jet drive.

Shop with confidence. The Most Perfected Jet Drive System in the Industry Yamaha's renowned internal propulsion system is not only reliable and fuelefficient, it also offers the highest level of freedom achievable on the water. Modular jet drive helps you or your watercraft power through the water. Marine. Modular jet drive helps you or your watercraft power through the water.

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