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Free Online Library: Exploring the Probat L12L25. (coffee roaster) by" Tea& Coffee Trade Journal" ; Business Food and beverage industries Coffee processing Equipment and supplies Food processing machinery Food processing machinery industry Product information Probat shop roasters offer the user a sense of manual control.

The Old Probat Manuals and Ads. Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee. 1994 L5 and L12 Manual 1958 UG45 Advertisment (German) L5 Info Sheet (Date Unknown, German) If you have vintage roasting documents, be they Probat, Diedrich, Vittoria, whatever, I'd be happy to host them for the people and Probat L12 Manual Walk into many modern coffeehouses and roasting companies nowadays, and you'll be faced with a smiling behemoth of a coffee roaster with a worn discharge.

1950s Probat B3 Capable of Manual Mode& Cooling with the Behmor 1600 Get more control over your 1600. Read More. Probat L12 Gasfired Coffee Roaster. Ever since we moved back to Emeryville, California from Ohio, I dearly missed having a fullsize shop roaster.

In Ohio we had a Diedrich IR12, basically a 24 Lb. capacity drum roaster from a really great May 25, 2005 HELP: vintage probat L12 guidance 1976 Probat L12 I need some input about this machine, so far i know that probats before 93 had a thicker drum. but besides this i do not know what differences older probats have compared to modern day probats. I have stumbled upon one being sold and am at a loss as Aug 25, 2009 Probat L12 Owners Manual. by Reggie on Tue Aug 25, 2009 12: 59 am. I am in urgent need of an owners manual for a Probat L12.

If anyone has an electronic version that they could forward me, or if you could direct me to a link, I would be very grateful. Email me at ctimbrell (at) gmail (dot) com. that manual coffee roasting was arduous and ineffective, especially for anyone hoping to run an industri alised coffee roasting operation.

A short while later, the first ball roaster the progenitor of all modern Probat roasters left the newly We are dedicated to ensuring the optimum performance of your Probat Burns equipment, which is why all spare parts come with a threemonth standard warranty.

Our team of experts is on hand Monday through Friday, from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. CT, to help diagnose any issues that arise and determine which replacement parts are needed.

That is why you always have a good feeling when you are roasting on a PROBAT machine because our passion is neither a mere preference nor an end unto itself, but rather the basis for a quality philosophy that begins with an innovative concept and comes to fruition in firstclass workmanship.

Passion; A sampling of used coffee roasters. Some ready, some for rebuilding. Find the right solution for your needs here. Operating manual provided with drum shows you how to roast raw coffee beans, raw peanuts, cacao beans, or raw chiles. Please look at all pictures of coffee roaster drum shown at the top of this page. Note that the coffee roaster drum now just has a center hole drilled and has my universal fit rod clamping mechanism on it.

CoffeeTec: New and Used Coffee Roasters and Coffee Equipment. We have just purchased a used Probat L12 and will be going through an extensive rebuild over the next few months.

We thought it would be fun to share this process with the community here on HB. We have more posted on our blog: Feb 03, 2013 Eric doing his thing on the L12# WTFLA Dec 08, 2008  Re: Airflow through vintage Probat UG's by Mark Dundon on Mon Dec 08, 2008 7: 57 am Well easier to lower it if you have to Technical Support.

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