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Peer Education Trainer's Manual IAPAC Peer education utilises the influence peers can have on one another. With HIV intervention this entails peers educating their colleagues on HIV in such a way that brings about both attitudinal and behaviour change, on both the individual and community level.

with insights both into the necessity of peer involvement in HIV services, as well as practical Manuals, designing the covers and assisting us with illustrations; Benjamin Weil and Karen Cure for copyediting the Manuals; and Poul Olson for his help designing and finalizing the materials supporting ICAPs peer education activities, as Peer Education and Support in HIVAIDS Prevention, Care, and Treatment A Comprehensive Training Course Participants Training Manual 12 HIV lives in semen, vaginal and birthing fluids, blood, and breastmilk.

HIV can be passed through unsafe sex with an infected person, The manual is intended to be used by 'master' trainers in peer education when training future trainers.

However, many of the exercises included in the training curriculum could also be used for training peer educators aged 16 years and older. HIVAIDS Peer Education Training Manual Secondary Training Manual: Peer Education Workshop CERVICAL CANCER PREVENTION PROGRAM IN ZAMBIA (CCPPZ) June 2009 Lusaka, Zambia. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) b. Human Papillomavirus (HPV) c. There is never a cure b. Sometimes if the cancer is caught in an early stage by screening HIV and AIDS Peer Education Manual What is HIV and AIDS Peer Educators Manual?

A joint ILO and Family Health International (FHI) teaching manual

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