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Specification Sheet Feature Overview Key features Scalable multiserver and multisite solution: XProtect Professional supports an unrestricted number of users, hardware devices, servers and sites.

This document is aimed at users of Milestone XProtect Smart Client. This document provides detailed descriptions of Milestone XProtect Smart Client installation, configuration, and use.

Now, if all has gone to plan you should have your online account, the Milestone XProtect software, Smart Client and the latest device pack everything you need.

The next step is to install the software. XProtect Smart Client is a powerful, easytouse client application for the daily operations of security installations. Designed for Milestone XProtect Designed for Milestone XProtect IP video management software (VMS) and Milestone Husky series, XProtect Smart Client is a powerful, easytouse client application for a surveillance XProtect Web Client logo: Click to return to the Home page of XProtect Web Client.

Live: Click to return to your last position in the view structure. Manually set your investigation state to Ongoing or Completed.

Sort your investigations by: Date. See your most recent investigations at the top of your list. Specification Sheet Feature Overview Key features Limitless multiserver and multisite solution: XProtect Corporate supports an unlimited number of users, cameras, servers and sites.

Jul 17, 2013 Remote Client Thin Client Compatablility Running Remote client on thin clients. Options. Is there an update to remote client or another way to manually install the plugins? ntsXProtectWebClient Kind regards Justin investigations, which allows users to manually extend the retention time for video recordings by overriding normal video retention policies.

Logical presentation of evidence XProtect Web Client is an intuitive webbased interface to view, play back and share video. It provides Administrator's Getting Started Guide. Valid for: XProtect Enterprise 2014, XProtect Professional 2014, must add it manually. To go directly to XProtect Smart Client once you have completed the wizard, select the check box in the XProtect Web Client, or the Milestone Mobile client from a White paper XProtect Expert and XProtect Corporate System Architecture Guide for IT Professionals Prepared by: John Rasmussen, Senior Technical Product Manager, Corporate Business Unit And Milestone has 3 kinds of Client: Milestone Mobile and XProtect Web Client and XProtect Smart Client.

Figure 1. Integration Overview 1. 2 Current test environment License Type: Milestone XProtect Enterprise 2016 Click the Manually specify the hardware to add. Figure 8. Type IP Addresses. 10 P a g e 1. Please enter the IP address XProtect Smart Client 2016 R3 User Manual Contents 3 The camera toolbar.


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