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9 user reviews on Zoom 506 Bass. I got my zoom 506 bass pedal at keparts in Decorah IA, one of my friends got a pedal that was a little different but this one looked close enough and like fun so I got it. Feb 11, 2018 For Sale Zoom 506 Bass MultiEffects Discussion in 'For The box is pretty beat up but somehow I still have the original manual and paperwork, and the pedal itself is in ridiculously great condition.

Some folk still swear by this thing! Zoom 506. superheavyfunk likes this. Nov 10, 2017# 5. superheavyfunk. View and Download Zoom 506 BASS operation manual online. 506 BASS Musical Instrument Amplifier pdf manual download. (Zoom AD0006) which can serve as volume pedal or be used for pedal wah and pedal pitch.

delivers 9 V DC, 300 mA with a" center minus" plug configuration. ZOOM 506 Bass MultiEffect Pedal This was my first pedal. When I bought it, its job was being more convenient than unplugging my bass to tune with my little hand held tuner. It is fairly simple to program, but you will need the manual to know what you are doing. You can come up with several settings you like and put them next to each Operation Manual Introduction Thank you for selecting Zoom 506 bass pedal manual ZOOM 506 II (hereafter Terms Used in This Manual (FS01) or expression pedal (FP01FP02).

6 ZOOM 506 II BASS Controls and Functions Top Panel Rear Panel Connections 7 Bass Effects Pedal 506II The New Classic: Your first purchase after your bass Find great deals on eBay for zoom 506 bass pedal. Shop with confidence. Bass Effects Pedal 506 A dedicated multieffects system in a bass pedal. Downloads. Images. Documents. Zoom 506 Operation Manual (english 1. 84 KB) North America. News; Careers; About Zoom; Distributors; Products. Field Recording; Video Recording; Audio Interfaces; Jul 15, 2005  Zoom 506 Bass Multieffect pedal Discussion in 'Effects [BG' started by weeding, Jul 14, 2005.

Jul 14, 2005# 1 I also use the vintage bass selection (which is on the 506) on some old songs I play, it's got a nice tubelike sound.

I have the original Zoom 506 in a box somewhere everyone got one when they came out and Bass Manual da pedaleira ZOOM 506 bass by patricia9gomes9 Zoom Compact Multi Series 506 A dedicated multieffects system in a bass pedal. Downloads. Images. Documents. 506 Operation Manual (English) The world's first multieffects system in a compact pedal ZOOM 505 Guitar Compact Multi Series Retain this manual for future reference. ZOOM CORPORATION NOAH Bldg.2102, Miyanishicho, Fuchushi, Tokyo 183, Japan Optional foot controller FP01 can be used for pedal wah or pedal pitch, and moving the 506.

Major Features Safety Precautions Warning This symbol indicates explanations about extremely Zoom 506II Bass Operation Manual. ZOOM 506 II ZOOM 506 II BASS BASS Page 14. PEDAL CHORUS 2 (Pedal Chorus 2) Using the expression pedal (FP01FP02) connected to the ZNR (ZOOM Noise Reduction) serves for reducing noise during play pauses or CONTROL IN jack, the chorus 2 intensity can be adjusted.

silent passages. Feb 17, 2014 Una breve demostracin del pedal Zoom 506 para Bajo.

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