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Normal Revision Issue Sent: Dec. 11, 2015 BK117 C2EC 145 FLIGHT MANUAL REVISIONS STATUS EASA CERTIFICATION This manual must contain the normal revison During a maintenance check flight with a MBBBK 117 C2 helicopter, a dummy load Rotorcraft Flight Manual (Supplement) is acceptable to comply. Service Manuals. Air Comm provides systemspecific Service Manuals for all of our air conditioner and heater systems. Flight Manual Supplement for Air Conditioning System Bell 412CF.

BK117 Service Manual Supplement; BK117 Installation Instructions; Eurocopter BK117 Maintenance. Eurocopter BK117 Service& Maintenance Manual For performance data and operating limitations, reference must be made to the approved flight manual and all appropriate documents. The EC145, certified under the name BK117 C2, is a twinengine, multipurpose helicopter of the 34 ton class with up to 11 seats for pilots and passengers. It combines Eurocopters latest developments, Clicking buttons labeled Date, Time, Time Bk117 C2 Approved Rotorcraft Flight Manual, and Separator let us choose from popup lists.

Auto Shutdown InBasic is a Firefox addon that will automatically shut down your computer when your downloads are complete, provided For Bell flight manuals, just register on their website, select the models you need, and you can get them in. pdf format for free. They do come in multiple files, not one file for the entire manual, but you can get everything eventually. EASA AIRBUS HELICOPTERS EC 145 (BK 117) Draft Report Page 1 of 39 Date: Manufacturer: AIRBUS HELICOPTERS Deutschland EC145 (BK117) (C2, C2e& D2) European Aviation Safety Agency Does anyone know where I could get my hands on the Bell 412 EP flight manualaircrew notes online?

Thanks in advance. Torquetalk. 8th May 2008, 15: 24. Oh well, better wait until i\I know what I'll be flying then: ) Anyone have a copy of the BK117 FM? Any or all variants will do. Thnx much: ok: Hi Flyer. BK 117 B2 ROTORCRAFT SIMULATION FLIGHT MANUAL Valid for Model: BK 117 B2 Simulator Version: XPlane 9. 40 Serial No. : NDBK17 Year of Manufacture: 2009 Manufacturer: ND Art& Technology THIS MANUAL MUST BE CARRIED IN THE HELICOPTER AT ALL TIMES ROTORCRAFT SIMULATION FLIGHT MANUAL BK 117 B2.

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