Sunlight k3 card printer manual

Manual Sunlight K3 Current CIM Printer. CIM Sunlight Star Printer. Sunlight STAR Printer. This printer, which comes in single and dualside printing options replaces the Sunlight K3. Customer support. The Customer Technical Service is assured by specialized personnel, giving technical support on all issues concerning Cim products.

Manual Card Designer2 software Manual. Sunlight Star Printer. Sunlight Star Driver Sunlight K3 Printer. Sunlight K3 Driver Rev 07 (Windows Xp 32bit Windows 7 32bit) Manual zz. Categories. Baby& children Computers& electronics Entertainment& hobby Fashion& style Food, beverages& tobacco Health& beauty Home Industrial& lab equipment Medical equipment Plastic card printers; Sunlight K3 Card Printer Overview Rainbow Light software is CIM's software for the Sunlight Star ID card printer.

It allows you to easily design custom printed plastic cards. Import and edit images, immediately access and manage variable data: thanks to the applications OLEDB, ODBC. Sunlight Star ID Card Printer. Card Printing Systems. Technical Downloads: SUNLIGHT SATURN: User Manual (English) User Manual (Spanish) Driver SUNLIGHT LUX discontinued: User Manual Driver Windows XP Windows 7 Driver Windows 8. SUNLIGHT K3 discontinued: User Manual Read Me First Firmware Driver (32 bit) Driver (64 bit) for The userfriendly CIM Sunlight Lux dualsided ID card printer is ideal for small and medium sized businesses looking for a dualsided card printing and encoding solution that offers high performance, is professional and secure.

May 12, 2012 The SUNLIGHT LUX is ideal for every personalization requirement; whatever you need the SUNLIGHT LUX is the printer for you! Produces high quality graphics, images, text, bar codes, and with available options for secure smart card and magnetic stripe encoding. Accesories and Repair Parts AIR ID PCProx Desktop Readers Cards Programmers Readers 13. 56 Mhz iCLASS SE 13. 56 Mhz Accesories HID iCLASS SE Cards iCLASS SE Readers This manual contains useful information on the operation and regular maintenance of your K3 printer.

Regular maintenance includes updating drivers and firmware and regular printer cleanings, which are also crucial to smooth operation. Call our experts at 1 for additional information about the CIM Sunlight K3 printers. The Sunlight Lux is a high performance printer ideal for small to medium sized businesses. Its proven functionality offers significant advantages in terms of usability, realiability and ecocompatability.

The Sunlight K3 is a simple, safe and reliable ID card printer. This printer creates fullcolor photo ID cards.

Cutting edge technology delivering high quality printing for bright, high definition, Microsoft certified 16. 7 million color graphics and photos. RESTRICTED USE ONLY CIM, an MF Group SpA Division Sunlight K3 Card Printer User Guide (Rev. 00) v How to use the manual The Sunlight K3 Card Printer User Guide (Rev. 00) is, in fact, the troubleshooting and service manual for the entire card Printer.

The manual is

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