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Sep 11, 2017 Edit Article How to Archive in Outlook 2007. Two Methods: Manually Archiving Files Customizing AutoArchive Community Q& A Archiving and AutoArchive are features in Microsoft Outlook 2007 that allow you to move old items to an archive location at scheduled intervals.

Note: The Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 AutoArchive settings are customizable. Rather than backing up or archiving your items manually, you may find that AutoArchive can meet your needs.

For more information, see Using AutoArchive to Outlook 2007 have two archiving options the first is Manual Archiving, which can be found under File Archive, the second is Auto Archiving, which is located under Tools Options, Other tab. Our goal in that tutorial will be how to disable both Archiving options: manual and auto. Auto archive is not running on Outlook 2007. Ask Question. @ssarcv: are you running the archive operation manually (File Archive) or have you configured it to run at specific intervals (Tools Options Other Autoarchive)?

When setting up autoarchiving, Manual archiving also allows you to archive your files if you keep Outlook open, since Outlook only runs AutoArchive when you first launch the program.

In addition, manual archiving lets you manually archive Contact items, AutoArchive settings in Outlook 2007. Manually archiving your emails and contacts in Outlook 2007 is a redundant operation; Outlook will autoarchive everything every 14 days (by default). We will now explain how to configure Outlook's AutoArchive settings: go to Tools Options, and click on the Other tab.

Then, click on the AutoArchive button. Apr 17, 2018 Therefore, if you do not disable the AutoArchive feature in Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007 and upgrade to Outlook 2010 or later versions, the AutoArchive feature remains enabled. The Difference Between Archiving and Exporting Items Mar 30, 2018 I went to archive one of my Outlook folders today, and discovered that both the manual archive option in the File menu, the Archive option when right clicking on my folder, AND the Auto Archive settings in Tools\Options\Other were entirely gone.

Apr 17, 2018  Outlook does not archive messages as expected based on the received date. Content provided by Microsoft. When you archive messages in a folder manually or by using the AutoArchive process, Outlook determines the age of the messages by using one of the following, whichever is later: In Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 How Do I Archive Items Manually in Outlook 2007; Click the File; Click Archive; Click the Archive this folder and all subfolders option, and then click the folder that you want to archive.

Any subfolder of the folder you select is included in this manual archive. Under Archive items older than, enter a date. How to archive in Outlook automatically or manually (emails, tasks, calendar and other items) How to auto archive Outlook 2007.

8 Responses to" How to archive in Outlook automatically Manual archiving in outlook 2007 manually (emails, tasks, calendar and other items)" Outlook is working just fine, except that he is not able to manual archive his email. He only wants to archive certain things at certain times. Dec 20, 2010  System is Win 7, 64 bit, with Outlook 2007, email via POP server at ISP, no local Exchange server, and no Active Directory available. Uninstalled KB as noted above, voila!

Archiving is back, Manual archive with Outlook 2007 Not Working I have multiple years of emails that I want to archive by year. When I select FileArchive and select a date for archiving emails less than that date, I get some emails archived and some not; You can set default AutoArchive settings but also overrule them on a perfolder level or via a manual Archive.

In some cases youll notice that AutoArchive or Archive is not working as expected even when all settings appear to be correct.

Use the steps below to troubleshoot and get AutoArchive and Archive working again. Outlook 2007 File

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