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Program is provided in Part 4 of this procedures manual. Protection of Public Health The City reserves the right to take any action necessary with respect to the operation of a customer's recycled water system or in association Procedures for Recycled Water Use The DIY craft procedure on how to make parol or Christmas lantern using recycled materials is very exciting and an ecofriendly job or hobby.

This was my nieces project, i helped her out to finish this so she can get reasonable grades. Nov 28, 2013 This hub shows how to make a Christmas lantern using recyclable materials like plastic bottles, paper& foil. Holidays and Celebrations Christmas; How to Make a Christmas Lantern or Parol Using Recyclable Materials. Updated on November 28, 2013. This is a lens on how to make a very simple Christmas lantern using recycled materials Cool Recycled Christmas Lanterns Yuletide season is about to come again and in preparation for the said holiday, we are going to inspire you to DIY some creative and traditional Christmas lantern (parol Dec 06, 2011 how to make your own recycled parol I dunno why I made a parol this year.

Maybe I just miss spending the holidays in the Philippines so much. A 'Parol' is a lantern made specially for the yuletide season in the Philippines. It is most commonly formed in the shape of a star or pentacle, although it can also be in the form of flowers Dec 18, 2013 Making a Parol a Filipino traditional starshaped Christmas lantern, is something I loved doing growing up.

It is mainly made up of bamboo, strings, and japanese PROCEDURES MANUAL. PAROLE PROCESS Administrative Process 1. 101 Expungement of Case File Materials 1. 102 Subpoena of Inmate Files 1. 103 Affidavits 1. 104 Death Sentence Cases 1. 105 Extraditions 1. 106 Executive ClemencyPardon Reviews 1. 107 Telephone Inquiries What's the purpose of a procedure manual? It can achieve a number of benefits for your organization such as improving employee training time and more.

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