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The Jabiru J170 has been extensively used for training and for antipoaching in South Africa with the Rhino Jab ZUOPS for more information on this please do read the articles written by Wynand Uys and published in our local aviation magazine SA flyer for your easy access one of PILOT'S OPERATING HANDBOOK Revision 0 Any person finding this Manual is requested to return it to Jabiru Aircraft.

Jabiru Aircraft Pilot Operating Handbook Model J170C JPFM08 Revision: 0 3 April 2007 Page 3 Aircraft Jabiru j 170 flight manual performance and Flight Planning Terminology Jabiru J170C Pilot Operating Handbook. The handbook is not intended to be a guide for basic flight instruction or as a training manual. Page 5. Performance. Jabiru Aircraft Pilot Operating Handbook Model J170C PERFORMANCE 5. 1 TAKE OFF AND LANDING DISTANCES TakeOff Distance 475 m Landing Distance 468 m Note: All distances quoted are Jabiru J170D.

The J170 was developed with the flying schools in hotter climates in mind. Highwinged, strutbraced monoplane with wing flaps, mass balanced elevator and inflight adjustable trim. Outstanding performance. Cruise Speed @ 75 power 100 knots (True Airspeed) Jabiru reserves the right to change prices and specifications at Jabiru Aircraft Pilot Operating Handbook Model J170D JPFM13 Revision: 0 1 2 28 Oct 2014 Page 02 Record of Manual Revisions Jabiru Performance Measurements& Specifictions Performance Measurements Jabiru 230D Jabiru J170 Maximum Speed 130 knots 115 knots Cruise Speed Vh 120 knots 100 knots Jabiru J170; Trainer or Recreational Flying.

Come take a demo flight in the several aircraft of Jabiru USA to see if this interesting set of designs is right for your flying enjoyment. and large fuel source for extended flights, docile handling, and reasonable performance from 85hp Jabiru 2200. Price reasonable for its class. Well PUBLICATION JPFM06 Jabiru UL450C Flight Manual Section: 6 Weight Control Office Approved S ection: 0 COVER PAGE NAME OF MANUFACTURER Jabiru Aircraft Pty Ltd Airport Drive Bundaberg Queensland 4670 AIRPLANE PERFORMANCE AND FLIGHT PLANNING TERMINOLOGY MAXIMUM CROSSWIND Nov 02, 2009 Jabiru J170, Jabiru J170 lightsport aircraft, Jabiru J170 experimental aircraft, Jabiru J170 amateur built aircraft, Jabiru J170 homebuilt aircraft, Jabiru J Jabiru J170SP.

Do you remember your first time at the controls of an airplane? Yearly operational and long term costs are a fraction compared to other aircraft with similar performance. Proprietary Jabiru parts are readily available here in the U. S. compared to most other LSA aircraft. Todays Flight Schools, particularly those Feb 26, 2014 Jabiru 160 Flight Manual speeds.

And HERE'S the rest of the Jabiru flight manuals direct from the manufacturer. 25th Feb 2014, 07: 10 Having said all that, the VHregistered VLA I fly regularly has an entirely conventional POH, but sportier performance than the Jabs. I'm certainly not linking the flying tendencies to a particular POH J230 LSA Jabiru J170 Experimental 2 Seat Jabiru J230 4 seat Jabiru J430 Just Aircraft LSA The J200 aircraft had it's maiden flight in Bundaberg in the 16th of March 2001, with the J400 a few months later, and world wide sales are increasing rapidly.

developed from Jabiru's own factory Quality Assurance Manual, sets out the stepby

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