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Customs& Excise Division Dominica. Asycuda world will be down for system maintenace today from 6: 30 PM to 10: 00 pm The ASYCUDA Programme provides technical assistance to Member States for managing international trade and transport operations in a modern automated environment. The strategic goals of the ASYCUDA Programme endeavour to leverage innovative capacities to respond to demands from members and partners and to ensure long term sustainability of the Programme.

Namibian Government staff: for those users who are under the Government network. This is usually the place for Customs officers and other Government agencies. Internet Users: This link is used for clearing agents, traders, brokers and all users who are out of the Government domain notably those connecting via an Internet provider.

General information: Capital city: Population (date): GDP per capita (date): Windhoek 1, 771, 327 USD 4, 300 Country Code: Languages: Alpha: NA, Num: 516 SYCUDA WORLD Declaration Processing Brokers USER MANUAL. A S Y C U D A W o r l d D e c l a r a t i o n P r o c e s s i n g U S E R M A N U A L 2 Introduction ASYCUDA bill of lading, invoices, freight document and any other permits of licenses must be submitted with World Customs Organization (WCO) Namibia Customs and Excise is a fully paidup member of the WCO.

Namibia Customs has now acceded to the International Convention on the Simplification and Harmonization of Customs Procedures (as amended) (Revised Kyoto Convention) as from the 3 ASYCUDA WorldDeclaration Processing USER MANUAL 2 Introduction The declaration processing capability is the core component of any automated customs software.

It reflects both the Jamaica Prime Minister Highlights Positive Impact of ASYCUDA World at IMF Forum. New Customs Clearance System Introduced; ASYCUDA Generally Well Received Integrity and Trade Facilitation through Customs Performance Measurement. IATA, UNCTAD Collaborate to Boost Global Adoption of Cargo Messaging Standards.

1. 2 Accessing ASYCUDA World Since ASYCUDA World is a webenabled computer system, the system in Uganda has been built onto a web page.

In order to access ASYCUDA World, users need to obtain a connection with a minimum speed of 528 kbps for both upload and download is acquired. It produces some 200 customizable reports and includes a parameterized extraction module to export ASYCUDA transaction data in raw or aggregated form for processing with other systems. Version is running on Local Area Networks (LAN) on standard PCs under the prologue operating system. Customs Declaration Examiners Manual S.

A. D Fields Guide Customs Warehouse Operations Duty Free Shops User Manual (INBOUND IM7) Customs Warehouse Operations Duty Free Shops User Manual (EXBOUND IM4) Customs PB4 Passenger Baggage.

Antigua and Barbuda Customs& Excise Department launches its ASYCUDA World Customs PB4 Passenger Baggage User Manual. Inland Revenue Private Bag Windhoek Namibia. Head Office Deputy Commissioner of Inland Revenue and Staff Special Investigations Inland Revenue

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